Yumpu Website Review by Matthew K.
Design 4
Usabaility 3
Support 5
Function 4

“Online publishing is a tricky thing, but Yumpu.com makes it easy.” That’s what the website promised me, at least. I was searching for an ePaper service that could both accommodate my growing magazine and put me in touch with new readers for further subscription opportunities. Yumpu got really great reviews, so I thought to myself, ..

Summary 4.0 great

Yumpu Website Review by Matthew K.

“Online publishing is a tricky thing, but Yumpu.com makes it easy.” That’s what the website promised me, at least. I was searching for an ePaper service that could both accommodate my growing magazine and put me in touch with new readers for further subscription opportunities. Yumpu got really great reviews, so I thought to myself, why not give it a try?

Readers, I was blown away. It was everything I wanted in a publishing platform and more. This Yumpu website review is going to get a little gushy, but that’s only because it really is the single best ePaper service that I’ve ever encountered.

If you’re looking to publish your own web content, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with Yumpu.

Embedding Options

There’s no use in making a magazine that can’t be shared, and this is the biggest and brightest benefit of Yumpu. It allows you to embed your publication anywhere, and that includes blogs, emails, newsletters, personal or professional websites, social media accounts and e-commerce stores. You can put it anywhere that you want people to see it. The site even offers a WordPress plugin for old-school blogging! Every publishing website understands the importance of embedding, but only Yumpu comes with this many options. If there’s a format that can’t embed, I haven’t heard anything about it.

Multiple Platform Support

In an increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever that your magazines are optimized for multiple platforms. I learned this lesson the hard way; I created an entire website without thinking about how it would look on smartphones. Spoiler alert: It was completely unreadable! Thankfully, Yumpu uses everything from Flash to Javascript to ensure that your content will look great on mobiles, tablets and desktops alike. Shoppers will be able to get their fix no matter how they’re choosing to browse, and users of all types will be able to interact with your site the way you intended it.

Social Media Accessibility

No Yumpu website review would be complete without mentioning its social media power. It can be fully integrated with social media of almost any kind! Do you want to share your magazine on Facebook? Yumpu can do it. Would you like to link back to your magazine from Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram? Yumpu can make it happen. You have an unlimited amount of e-pages to play with, and how you choose to distribute them is entirely up to you.

Built-In Advertising

You’ll never have to worry about attracting users with Yumpu. For one, your content will be designed and streamed directly to their platform of choice, so they’ll naturally find it convenient and enjoyable and something worth sharing with all of their friends. Even more important, however, Yumpu will help you advertise. “Smart” banners will toot your horn as they read, and you can even manage your own ads when you sign up for a premium account.

SEO Ready

Not all publishing platforms are compatible with Google Analytics, which I can tell you right now is a huge pain when you’re trying to optimize your content for SEO. No website can survive without regular web traffic, but if your magazine isn’t being picked up by Google’s spiders, how are you going to get noticed? Let this Yumpu website review tell you straight: They solve the problem by making sure all of your content is primed for Google from the get-go. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting together a work brochure or a comic book e-zine; Yumpu publications are always noticed by search engine algorithms.

Viral Potential

Go check out Yumpu.com. Go ahead; I’ll wait. Do you notice how everything is neatly designed and user-accessible? Do you see how easy it is to sign up and get started? The designers behind Yumpu obviously know what they’re doing, and their expertise is yours to command. Anything you publish with Yumpu has the potential to blow up within days. Between its cross-platform connectivity and its full integration with social media, your content will be primed to go viral.

Video Options

Here we have my favorite feature of the bunch: the ability to add videos to your content. Gone are the days when your pamphlets had to be covered in boring black-and-white text; you can now inject everything from images to YouTube clips into your work. Do you want to send a personalized greeting from yourself or your boss? No problem! Would you like to spice up your tutorials with step-by-step videos? It’s a cinch!

Audio Options

Going hand-in-hand with video features, you can also add <i>audio</i> to your content, which sounds like something that every publisher should offer but really isn’t at all. It’s such a rare thing that I’m almost tempted to keep this knowledge to myself, but in my Yumpu website review, I have to tell the truth: You can add songs, jingles, lectures, speaking clips and even ambient noise to your content if you so choose. It doesn’t matter if you want to upload sports commentary or whale noises for your travel brochure. Yumpu can do it all.

Linking Opportunities

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of linking opportunities from Yumpu, but they aren’t limited to just social media or advertising campaigns. You can also add links in the content itself, turning your one-dimensional magazine into an engaging and interactive platform for further exposure to your brand. For example, you can add links to your e-commerce shop after detailing fashions that you carry. You can link to expert websites when offering footnotes in your academic study. The possibilities are endless!

Web Development Strategies

Once you’re comfortable with Yumpu’s basic service package, you might want to consider upgrading to one of their advanced accounts. These are the playgrounds where you can <i>really</i> work on expanding or commercializing your brand. Not only do they offer a WEBKiosk where you can build your own virtual magazine stand, but they also have an APPKiosk that allows you to create and publish your own app for iOS. You’ll be able to dominate both web and mobile markets from a single website!

Great Customer Support

When you publish with Yumpu, you aren’t just buying a single service. You’re hooking yourself into an entire support network that will be there for you during the whole of your publication journey. When I was having formatting problems with my magazine, I emailed Yumpu’s tech support and received a reply in less than 24 hours. My magazine was able to go live on the right day without a hiccup!

Subscription Selling

I need to confess something in this Yumpu website review: I’m addicted to apps. I’ve always loved them, and when I heard that Yumpu allowed you to create your own, it took maybe three seconds for me to sign up. So believe me when I say that Yumpu has some of the best features available in smartphone publication apps. You can actually sell subscriptions in them! How many publishers offer that?

Global Readership

Every publishing business likes to say they can reach millions of readers, but with Yumpu, it’s actually true. I experienced substantial gains in readership after signing up with the site, and I wasn’t doing anything differently than I was before. I’d simply increased my brand exposure by publishing on a platform that’s used by millions of people all around the globe. My magazine was affordable, and it was accessible, and it was easy for people to find. That’s how I achieved success.

Additional Features

In addition to everything I’ve already listed, Yumpu also has a bunch of small, everyday features that I’ve really enjoyed using. Here are just a few:

– Password protected content
– Publishing options via dropbox
– HTML5 capabilities
– Custom CSS for your kiosks
– Publishing dates that you can queue for another time
– Zooming options and drag-and-drop layouts

None of these are major things on their own, but when combined in a single service package, they make your publishing experience a million times easier and more convenient than other ePaper companies.

No Fine Print

Yumpu is a rare breed. They don’t try to trick you into signing a long-term contract; they don’t charge you hidden fees for hitting unexpected limits. In fact, they’re so confident you’ll love their services that they offer a 30-day trial completely free. Yumpu is a brand you can trust, and that’s something I don’t say every day. I’ve been completely satisfied with both their service and their integrity as long as I’ve been with the site.

So there you have it! My Yumpu website review is complete. All in all, if you’re looking for a great place on the web to publish magazines, brochures and other digital content, Yumpu.com is your best bet. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a very near thing, and it single-handedly drove <i>my</i> subscriptions from the dozens into the hundreds. What else can you ask for in an ePaper business?

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