Yumpu Review by Daniel Carter
Design 4
Usabaility 3
Support 5
Function 4

Some people dream of writing for magazines, while others want to own their own magazine. Maybe you’ve got an interest in a niche area that few other people are interested in, or maybe your hobbies are underrepresented; no matter what the case may be, Yumpu.com allows you to take control and become the editor of ..

Summary 4.0 great

Yumpu Review by Daniel Carter

Some people dream of writing for magazines, while others want to own their own magazine. Maybe you’ve got an interest in a niche area that few other people are interested in, or maybe your hobbies are underrepresented; no matter what the case may be, Yumpu.com allows you to take control and become the editor of your own online magazine. Yumpu.com is to magazines what Amazon is to books – a self-publishing platform that puts the control in your hands.

While there are a number of Yumpu review s out there, most of them miss the true beauty of this program. This Yumpu review sets out to explain a few of the benefits that will make this platform truly worth your time.

Cloud-based, SaaS platform

Have you ever found yourself stuck away from home and totally unable to work on that important project because the software required was on your home PC? That’s not the case with Yumpu. Because the entire program is built around a web-application, Yumpu is accessible from anywhere, anytime, as long as you can access the internet. This also means the program is hosted on third-party servers that are not dependent on your own home, which means an uptime of 99.996%. Any changes you make appear almost immediately, so there’s no waiting for the entire server and cache to update before any of your changes go live.

Automated SEO

If you’ve ever worked with internet marketing, then you understand the importance of search engine optimization. You may have the greatest magazine in the history of the world, but if no one can find it, what’s the point? Yumpu helps users by automatically establishing a baseline SEO presence for your magazine, pulling the information out of the .pdf file and submitting it to search engines. While traditional SEO methods can take several months before the traffic begins to flow in, this automated service cuts that time in half. It brings in new readers to your magazine with no extra work on your part. However, it’s also a good idea to write your magazine with some sense of SEO in mind in order to take full advantage of this feature.

There is another aspect to the SEO that should be mentioned: every visitor is logged and tracked through Google Analytics. This allows you to see how users are experiencing your magazine, where they’re finding you at, and what content interests them most of all. If you focus on these areas, you can ensure the highest numbers of readers for the lowest amount of effort.

Customizable designs

While the inside of the magazine is yours to control, that’s not all. The logo you use for your corporate design, whether as your publishing company or your own personal logo, is completely customizable. You can set everything from the background color to the favicon, providing your magazine with a unique feel that’s totally unlike anything else out there.

Did we mention free?

A Yumpu review that didn’t mention it was a free platform would be no sort of Yumpu review at all. While there are paid options ranging from € 8 per month up to € 277 per month, they aren’t required or even recommended for users just starting out. While the advertisements in the free version may be a bit annoying, they allow you to get a feel for how the platform works before committing to it. Best of all, should you choose to sign up for one of the paid options, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long term contracts involved, and the support service is extraordinarily high quality for both the free and paid versions.

Publish anywhere

Yumpu allows you to publish on a variety of platforms. The code can be embedded on your Facebook page, within your own website, and in a variety of other places. However, if you also choose to publish on Yumpu.com, you can expand your readership and reach out to a number of new readers who may not have heard of you yet. This service sets Yumpu.com apart from other media-publication platforms, allowing you to tap into their readership and fan base. Users can even download and print a PDF version of the magazine in order to take a hard copy with them.

Sharing made easy

Another great aspect of Yumpu.com is the optimized sharing options on social media. Rather than just sending a link, you can actually share snippets of content from within the magazine. You can even send the entire thing through email, if you wanted. However, because this is a magazine format, it works seamlessly with Pinterest, allowing you to share interesting photographs or page covers and reach a number of readers through that platform. Magazines shared on Facebook can even be flipped through. All of these dynamic sharing options make it easy to reach millions of readers; friends of friends of the person who shared the magazine can flip through and read your content.

Automatic stretching and skewing

Yumpu magazines fit perfectly on websites. The embed code can be modified to ensure that it fills all available space, which helps to prevent any unappealing white space from showing up on the page somewhere. You can also make a number of different edits concerning the size, color, and other options relating to the appearance.

There’s no limit to the content

Unlike other free platforms, Yumpu doesn’t limit the amount of content you can produce. You’re able to publish an unlimited number of pages across an unlimited number of magazines. This means that if you wanted to start multiple different magazines, you’re free to. Fill them up with all the content you can imagine. Once a magazine builds up momentum, you can start charging for it through their subscription program. And because you’re able to link from within a magazine, you can have a dynamic multimedia experience with audio, video, and image galleries right inside the pages of your magazine itself.

WEBKiosk and APPKiosk

Something you may not have seen mentioned in a Yumpu review is the WEBKiosk feature. This feature allows you to create a central hub from which readers can access all of your various magazines. This allows them to find all of the content you create and browse through what you have available; of course, each magazine can be individually locked so that only subscribers are able to access them. This function allows you to adjust the branding, layout, and even create your own domain for your kiosk. If you plan to monetize and charge a fee for a subscription, then it’s important that you optimize your WEBKiosk in order to convert the most customers possible.

The APPKiosk serves a similar function. It allows you to reach out to mobile users on tablets and smartphones. You can even use it to publish on Apple’s iTunes under your own name and gain a bit of fame on your own. You can also enable users to download the file and read the content even when they aren’t connected to the internet. Just like the WEBKiosk, the APPKiosk lets you customize everything to reflect your own unique brand and generate the highest number of customers possible.

There is also something called a “ProKiosk” which is only available to paid users. It provides you with real time information concerning your publications, such as when someone signs up for a subscription, and also allows you to create A/B testing scenarios for research purposes. These scenarios are useful for optimizing your content to reach the highest number of people.


Regardless of the sort of content, you’re interested in publishing, Yumpu can help you do it. With the number of features and options available to users, it’s easy to see why millions of people have chosen Yumpu.com as their own personal magazine publication platform. This Yumpu review gives the site 9/10 stars.

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