Yumpu.com Review by Amanda M.
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Usabaility 4
Support 4
Function 5

Yumpu.com is an innovative online platform through which writers can publish and promote their literary works. This web-based service is comprehensive in the services that are offered, and the user interface is exceptionally intuitive, meaning that it is a snap for even the technical novice to navigate. Basically, Yumpu allows you to turn any PDF ..

Summary 4.3 great

Yumpu.com Review by Amanda M.

Yumpu.com is an innovative online platform through which writers can publish and promote their literary works. This web-based service is comprehensive in the services that are offered, and the user interface is exceptionally intuitive, meaning that it is a snap for even the technical novice to navigate. Basically, Yumpu allows you to turn any PDF document into an online magazine with highly functional attributes that make it easy and fun to read.

With the popularity of this service expanding exponentially, there have been a number of questions concerning its capability and legitimacy as a publishing platform. This detailed Yumpu.com review will help to engage some of the questions that people have concerning this platform, as well as increase the knowledge surrounding it.

Comprehensive Service

Before going into greater detail, it is worth sharing that Yumpu.com offers a new meaning to the term “one-stop-shop.” If a person is looking to get their written work published quickly and easily, then this is definitely the format for them. Not only does this web service allow you to easily upload your PDF document, but all of the formatting and coding is handled for you.


In addition to converting your document into a very attractive and functional eMagazine format, the service also stores all of your work in the cloud for free. Once the document has been converted into eMagazine format, you have the option of reading it yourself or sharing it with family and friends. Most importantly, your work will now be exposed to the largest online reading community in the world. Yumpu.com literally has millions of readers who browse their pages every day — providing you with top-tier exposure for your work.

Presentation is Key

There are a lot of webmasters who are exceptional at content creation; however, when it comes to presentation, they leave a little to be desired. It is nothing to be ashamed of, no one is excellent at everything. Yumpu.com serves as the bridge between the gap of excellent content development and content presentation. With the online market so competitive, it is vital that webmasters, bloggers, authors, and marketers gain every possible advantage to improve their capacity to remain competitive. Presentation plays a major role in this process.

For the web designer who uses embedded PDFs to display information on their site, it can appear awkward, and it lacks aesthetic appeal in a major way. Using Yumpu.com will allow you to upload that awkward looking PDF and convert it into an extremely attractive eMagazine that can be thumbed through using flip-page technology. This means that when the pages are turned, it gives the visual imagery of an actual paper page being turned.


As far as presentation is concerned, this is huge. Not only from the perspective of aesthetic appeal, but in the way of functionality. Customer engagement and customer experience are extremely important in the process of developing relationships with your customer base, reader base, or followers.

The Ability to Embed Your New Magazine on Your Favorite Platform

A very celebrated and functional feature associated with Yumpu is the ability to embed your new magazine on your favorite platform, such as your website, blog, Facebook, etc. This will provide even more exposure to your work while making the process of reading it easy and fun. Once the magazine has been created, Yumpu will generate an embed code that you simply have to copy and then paste in the desired location on your site. The code is editable, meaning that you can change the size of the image that will be displayed on the site to fit your particular formatting.

It seems that Yumpu has considered every possible contingency when it comes to proper display, integration, and optimization. The site supports all devices, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. In the process of conducting this Yumpu.com review, there was so much valuable information uncovered.

Social Media Integration

This Yumpu.com review is meant to be a detailed overview of the features and services offered at Yumpu.com. If you have any experience with dealing with marketing online, you understand the vital role that social media plays in the process. So does Yumpu.com. The site is completely integrated into all major social networks, meaning that your work will have the immediate potential to go viral. As readers devour your work, they will be able to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more — opening you to an ever-expanding market.

Intuitive and Easy to Use Interface

A common complaint about online publishing companies is that the process is too complex, and there are always complications with submitting documents. The user interface at Yumpu.com is highly intuitive, making it extremely simple to navigate, even for the technically challenged. You can simply create a free account, log in, and upload your document. The process literally takes less than five minutes in total.

Depending on how adept you are at posting content to your site, you can upload your document onto the Yumpu site and paste the embed code directly to your site, all in that five-minute time frame. For once on the internet, when a company says only a few clicks, they actually mean it.

Sharing is a Snap

Sharing is a huge part of promoting any type of content, and your online publication is no different. Because Yumpu integrates with all of the popular social media websites in a seamless manner, it makes sharing as easy as click and post. Whether you wish to share the content on Google Plus or Facebook, it is a snap. You also have the option of emailing the link to your friends to bypass the social media platform for a direct approach.

WebKiosk and AppKiosk

The exceptional WebKiosk service provides the capacity for you to create your own web kiosk. This allows you to create a kiosk and then publish your documents to your kiosk in record time, regardless of the devices that you are using. The look of the kiosk is highly customizable, meaning that you will be able to present your customer’s with a unique experience when they visit your kiosk. This means that you will have the option to custom design the layout, colors, logos, and more. The drag and drop capabilities make this process simple and fast.


The AppKiosk functions much in the way that the WebKiosk functions with the exception of being presented as an app. This app will allow you to sell subscriptions and magazines without any complications or headaches.

Video and Audio Capabilities

One of the most exciting discoveries uncovered during the research for the Yumpu.com review was the video and audio capabilities of the program. The popularity of video and audio as a means of communication and instruction has grown exponentially over the last decade. Over 700 videos are shared every second on Twitter, and every day there are more than 500 years of footage being viewed on Facebook. Having the capacity to embed video and audio in your publication is invaluable.

Search Engine Optimization

Another powerful mode of exposure is through organic traffic, meaning that your document will appear in search engine results when a person conducts a search that is relevant to your document. Yumpu has ensured that each page is highly optimized to enhance its performance during searches.

Easy Reading

The reading experience that is offered through Yumpu is second-to-none. There are a number of dynamic features that really make reading documents created with this format fun, including:

  • The ability to read the magazine in full-screen mode
  • The capacity to toggle between a single page or two-page display
  • The zoom feature allows you to have the ability to read the document in larger font size.
  • The ability to flip through the pages like an actual paper magazine.
  • Preview all pages

Best of all it’s Free

This Yumpu.com review would not be complete without talking about the fact that the service is free. With services that are so comprehensive and professional, you would think that there would be some type of monthly fee or cost-per to use this service, but the basic service, which encompasses everything that is mentioned here, is absolutely free. The free service requires that you allow Yumpu to place ads on your pages; however, the ad placement does not negatively impact the readability of the document in the slightest.

Yumpu.com is an exceptional web service for the person who is looking for a platform that will allow them to publish and share their PDF documents in a manner that will prove efficacious to their marketing, promotional and informative goals. One of the things that make Yumpu stand out above other online publishing sites is the fact that they place great emphasis on sharing, providing the author and the reader with the ability to share the document with ease.

So, if you are looking for the ideal online publishing situation, you need to stop by and visit Yumpu.com. It will completely change your perspective on online publishing. Hopefully, this Yumpu.com review has shed valuable light on the services offered at this site.

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