WEBKiosk Review by Alex L.
Design 4
Usabaility 3
Support 5
Function 5

Yumpu.com has quickly established itself as an elite and comprehensive web publication service. It is quickly becoming legendary for a number of exceptional services that it offers. No matter if you are an online marketer looking to gain more exposure for your content or a person who is looking to share the knowledge that they ..

Summary 4.3 great

WEBKiosk Review by Alex L.

Yumpu.com has quickly established itself as an elite and comprehensive web publication service. It is quickly becoming legendary for a number of exceptional services that it offers. No matter if you are an online marketer looking to gain more exposure for your content or a person who is looking to share the knowledge that they are extremely passionate about, Yumpu.com allows you to quickly upload your PDF document to be converted into an online eMagazine. One service that Yumpu offers that is becoming increasingly popular is Yumpu WEBKiosk. Yumpu WEBKiosk allows you to publish your documents to one central kiosk located on the web, where they will be displayed and offered for sale or free reading.

This WEBKiosk review will serve as an introduction to the Yumpu WEBKiosk service as well as a product review that will help establish your expectations concerning this remarkable product.

Intuitive and Easy

If you are not familiar with Yumpu.com and the basic services they offer, you should be aware of the fact that they are the leaders in the industry of online publication — offering writers an intuitive and easy to use a format that produces a high-quality presentation as the end result. The Yumpu WEBKiosk takes the publishing process a step further. WEBKiosk allows the user to create a customized online location to host and share all of their documents, regardless of the number of magazines they have published. The service can be integrated and automatically synced with the basic publishing services, meaning that once a document has been uploaded and converted, it will be automatically added to the WEBKiosk. This WEBKiosk review will share some of the remarkable features associated with the service.

Easy Way to Publish Your Documents to Your Own Custom Domain

Imagine having the capacity to upload your PDF files with your content, and then have them converted into aesthetically appealing eMagazines with flip-page technology. This means that you can take an awkward-looking unattractive PDF document and completely transform it. The metamorphosis that takes place is quite extraordinary; however, the transformation does not stop there.

The WEBKiosk allows you to take each individual magazine and upload it to a central location where you have a number of options, including sharing or selling the magazines. Yumpu.com allows you to create a custom design, which means that you will be able to control the color, add logos, and even change the fonts to coincide with the fonts on another site. If you are a service provider that is developing a product for a client, you can create the Kiosk to meet their specific needs and goals. There are literally no limits to what can be done.

You have the option to create as many WEBKiosk as you desire.

Tangible Layouts for easy Designing

Yumpu.com offers an easy to use an editor that has a drag-and-drop capacity, making it easy to create and update the design of your kiosk. There are no limits to what can be updated or completely changed. The simplicity associated with the editing process means that you don’t have to be experienced in web design to create an appealing kiosk site. You simply have to have an idea of how you want your kiosk to look.

The flexibility in this process is one of the primary elements that make this product so exceptional. For the person who wants to bypass the limitations of the drag-and-drop editor, it is as easy as converting from the drag-and-drop editor to a completely functional HTML and CSS editor, allowing you to make detailed changes. So, there really are no limitations.

Revenue Generation

Having the capacity to create content that is remarkably attractive and highly functional is invaluable. When you add the ability to integrate ad revenue generation into the equation, it takes the efficacy of this kiosk format to an entirely different level. The WEBKiosk provides the capacity for you to create ads that will allow you to promote other magazines, documents, or products on other sites — exponentially expanding your exposure. There are multitudinous revenue-generating mechanisms that can be incorporated into the kiosk.

You also have the option of allowing others to advertise on your kiosk. This works great if your kiosk has built a large following based on its primary content. This means that you have developed highly targeted traffic, which will be extremely valuable to other businesses within the same industry. Selling ad space can prove to be a lucrative form of additional income.

Smart Banner Promotion

To assist you in promoting your WEBKiosk, Yumpu.com has developed highly effective smart banners. The way that a smart banner works is that the Kiosk will recognize when someone visits the site via their mobile device; consequently, a smart banner will immediately appear in the site’s header, revealing the presence of the app. This will help increase the number of downloads and app usage.

Custom Domain Name

You will be able to set up your WEBKiosk under your own custom domain name. This not only helps with the branding process, but it also helps with securing organic traffic from search engines. Additionally, having your own domain name creates a certain level of credibility. With competitiveness being at such a high level, having a high level of credibility is imperative.

What is good about this is that you have the option of completely removing any reference to Yumpu from the kiosk, providing the capacity to function as a complete “white label” solution.

Style and Organization

The freedom associated with the WEBKiosk service not only provides the ultimate platform for creativity, but the remarkable integration process allows you to create a domain on which you can display your magazines and documents in a stylish and organized manner. This is important because the presentation is an important element of customer and reader engagement. It is extremely important to make sure that the content that you create is relevant to the demographic that you are targeting. The greater the quality and relevance of the content, the greater impact it will have. However, having great content with a lackluster presentation is tantamount to offering a remarkable product in shabby packaging. The chance of the package being opened is highly unlikely. This is why it is vital to ensure that the content is organized in a manner that will make it easy for the visitor to consume it. Aesthetic appeal plays a substantial role in providing the optimal visitor experience on your site.

What to Expect

There are no limits to what you can expect. The only limits are those placed on your own imagination. The unique platform allows you to take the content presentation to an entirely different level. If the ability to convert boring PDF files to beautiful and functional eMagazine designs was not enough, the WEBKiosk allows you to elevate your presentation and the volume of your content to an entirely different level.

Customer Support

Another exceptional benefit associated with this product is the incredible level of customer service that you will receive from Yumpu. If necessary, you will have access to a support representative who will be able to walk you through the entire process of setting up your WEBKiosk. Although the system is easy to use, it never hurts to have someone to answer any questions that may pop up along the way.

Content distribution has never been so easy and fun. You can create as many kiosks as you like, with each having its own unique style and design. You can totally blow your clients away with the manner in which you are able to market their services. If you happen to be an author, the ability to promote your work has been expanded with this tool. You can make the site as plain or extravagant as you like. You can promote additional pieces of work that you have on other sites.

The purpose of this WEBKiosk review was not to provide a comprehensive presentation. Actually, that would take volumes. This WEBKiosk review was meant to offer the details necessary to establish a base level of expectancy when engaging this dealing with this service. You will find that the possibilities are endless.

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