Is Yumpu a fraud? Learn the truth here…

Is Yumpu a fraud? Learn the truth here…

I knew that publishing an exclusive magazine would take my freelancing career to the next level, but I always ran into difficulty when it came to converting my PDF file documents into beautiful multimedia magazines. Many creators of software editing products do not live up to their promises. Fortunately, I stumbled upon one weekend.

I was amazed at what I saw. I saw a golden opportunity to market my written content with the aid of an attractive magazine or e-magazine. After careful reading, I knew that Yumpu would provide me with the medium that I needed for my business. Using this special service would help me get a world-wide audience with ease. A few Yumpu fraud statements can be found online, but this company provides a valuable service that cannot be ignored.

My Customer Experience with Yumpu

The process of converting a PDF document into an immaculate magazine with Yumpu is not that difficult, but you may run into a problem while creating your first magazine. I experienced a technical problem during my first conversion. I tried to resolve the issue on my own, but I was unable to overcome this hurdle.

I contacted Yumpu after several failed attempts at creating my first free publishing pdf magazine. Yes, Yumpu fraud did enter my mind when I submitted my first technical support inquiry about upload a pdf. Luckily for me, Yumpu fraud thoughts were immediately dismissed once I made contact with a customer support agent. I explained how I was having trouble submitting my PDF to the free editor. The customer support representative guided me through the entire process of submitting and converting my PDF document.

The customer support service agent was friendly, attentive, and extremely patient. Yumpu fraud statements on the Internet are ridiculous. This is a legitimate company that cares about its customers. It will be extremely difficult for you to find a firm that offers this type of free customer service.

How Does Yumpu Work?

At first, I was under the impression that it would be difficult to use Yumpu. My past experiences with other software products led me to this impression. Converting your PDF document with Yumpu is a simple process that can be mastered by anyone.

My PDFs are published in an attractive HTML reader after being uploaded. Yumpu also gives you the option of embedding your company’s online pdf catalogs, blogs and websites within your digital publishing publication.

An impressive Epaper created by is presented in the form of a double-sided document. The finished product will look like a catalog or paper book. The finished product gives a natural feel to the virtual reading experience.

Complete integration with the major social media web networks will allow your readers to share detailed product descriptions and articles with others on the world wide web. They can share this information with various family members, colleagues, and close family members. Epapers created with the aid of are readable on all major devices. One will not have any trouble in reading E-papers with a personal computer, tablet, or smart-phone.

Yumpu opened my eyes to the existence of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a big source of income for many content publishers around the globe. An Epaper allows one to embed hyperlinks, audio, and forms. E-paper also allows one to embed videos within the digital pdf document. All of these features give publishers a chance to generate impressive affiliate revenue with each magazine. It will be extremely difficult for you to find another company that can match the affiliate marketing options offered by Yumpu.

Overlooking the Yumpu fraud hype will help you discover the opportunity of selling your own products. Yes, you can sell your magazines with the help of Yumpu. Selling your publications can put you in a position to increase your annual earnings dramatically. You are only entitled to receive a percentage of the sales you secure from your affiliate marketing activities. Creating your own products will open new doors for your publishing empire.

Compatible with Major Social Media Platforms

It will be a grave mistake for you to ignore the major social networks. Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are ideal for publishers who are interested in developing an audience. They are also perfect for publishers who are focusing on increasing their audience. Yumpu is compatible with all the major social networks. You can connect and embed your publications with your favorite social networks.

Create Various Forms of Publications

The endorsers of Yumpu fraud campaigns fail to realize that you can use this incredible software to create various types of publications. You can use Yumpu’s converter to create resumes, brochures, and flyers. You can also create impressive flipbooks.

SEO Optimized

Yumpu fraud statements also fail to mention that Yumpu is SEO optimized. This will help your publications get maximum exposure in the search engines. As a publisher, you will not have to worry about hiring an SEO expert. SEO experts are notorious for charging their clients an enormous amount of money. Your publications will get high rankings without the assistance of an SEO expert. is one platform that can help any publisher take their publishing business endeavor to the next level. Yes, there is a possibility that you may see Yumpu fraud statements on the Internet. I have found out that the Yumpu fraud stories are not true. Yumpu is the only viable virtual tool that will put your unique publications in the hands of avid readers around the world.

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